What Is My Property Worth?

There is a lot of information freely available on the various web sites regarding the value of homes.  These generally give a range of value with a huge discrepancy between the lowest and the highest.  For most people, your home is your biggest material asset and as such we do not lightly put a value on it.  Research shows many homes in Australia are under sold (often without the sellers even realising).

Before giving you our opinion of what your home is worth in today’s market, we like to inspect your home and carry out a full comparative market analysis.  The value of your home is dependent on many factors including street appeal, accessibility, supply and demand for your particular number of bedrooms, car accommodation, pool and extras etc, location, land size, condition and age of the home, as well as current interest rates and market conditions at the time.  These are just some of the influences on the price.  Contact us now and we will gladly appraise your home for you, obligation free.

What Price Should We Put On Our Property?

Price high?  Price low?  No price at all?  It can be a challenge to know what the correct price for your home is prior to listing.  If you price too high, you can turn the best buyers off your home.  If you price too low, you mislead buyers and set a low expectation in the market place.  The best price to list is at market price.  A market price is the price point where there are interested buyers.  Ideally the best buyer is a ‘heart’ buyer.

Once a current market value is established, there is a skill then to use the right strategy to achieve the highest price.  In our mulit-cultural society today, and the way the industry as a whole has developed, many buyers expect to negotiate when buying Real Estate.  Indeed, there are some buyers who simply will not buy unless they feel they have managed to wrangle a good deal for themselves.  There are many strategies involved in advertising a price on a property ranging from initially advertising a specific price through to no price at all, waiting for the market to indicate a price.  This is another area where a really good Agent, by selecting the right strategy, can have a great influence on the final sales figure.



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