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Our office is dedicated to looking after home sellers.

The number one goal for a home seller is to get the highest possible sales price.  Yet research by a leading Real Estate Consumer Advocate shows a staggering 88% of homes sold in Australia are UNDERSOLD with this figure on the rise.

Most Sellers never realise they have been undersold.  This is only one of the many hidden traps in the Australian Real Estate industry today.

The industry needs a shake-up, but we’re not here to improve the industry as a whole.  We are here to ensure that the selling experience for our clients is successful and they sell for the highest possible price with the minimum amount of fuss and inconvenience.

We specialise in residential real estate sales with NO public auctions and NO public open for inspections.  We cover all advertising and marketing costs including professional photography, realestate.com.au and domain.com.au, signage, flyers and flyer distribution, etc.

If you are thinking of selling, we welcome you to a confidential, obligation-free chat.  We guarantee, it will be well worth your while.  Contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Superior Alternative Selling Strategies

there is a better way…

As we are committed to achieving the highest possible price for the sale of your home we do not recommend or conduct auctions.  Do you think someone yelling at you with a hammer in their hand is the best way to buy or sell a family home?  As well as feeling uncomfortable buying through auction, many buyers can’t buy under auction conditions.  As industry insiders say, auction buyers pay wholesale, private treaty buyers pay retail.  Ever wondered why property developers almost never sell their properties at auction?  Because they are all about profit and want to get the highest possible price!

We Cover All
Advertising Costs

Don’t get caught out on unnecessary marketing campaigns that promote the agent NOT your property.  Behind the scenes agents call the fee owners (vendors) pay for advertising and marketing – VPA.  It stands for Vendor Paid Advertising.  Most agents will do all they can to get more of it as it promotes the agent.  It should be called Vendor Promotes Agent.  We do not believe in VPA.  That’s why we do not charge any marketing or advertising costs whatsoever.  Our agency covers all costs including professional photography, realestate.com.au and domain.com.au, signage, flyers, flyer distribution, etc.

Public vs Private Inspections

One of the worst mistakes you can make is opening your home for public inspections. Open inspections can lower the price of your home and are an open invitation for criminals.  Would you leave your front door open and allow a complete stranger to wander through?  Do you really want dozens of strangers opening your drawers and inspecting your private possessions?  Protect yourself, your family and your home.  ‘Sticky-beaks’ and criminals will not buy your home. Only buyers will buy.  Therefore, only genuine, qualified buyers should be coming through your home.